Custom Class Event Dispatching in CoffeeScript

Ever use jQuery and think the .bind() and .trigger() APIs are nice? Here is a small class you can use when writing CoffeeScript to quickly implement the observer pattern in your own objects.

For more involved scenarios, consider using a library like RxJS.

# this: in coffeescript, without the global stuff...
class EventsDispatcher
  callbacks: {}

  bind: (event_name, callback) ->
    @callbacks[event_name] ||= []
    @callbacks[event_name].push callback

  trigger: (event_name, data) ->
    @dispatch event_name, data

  dispatch: (event_name, data) ->
    chain = @callbacks[event_name]
    callback data for callback in chain if chain?
class Connection extends EventsDispatcher
  connect: ->
   @trigger 'connected'

something = new Connection()

something.bind 'connected', ->
  console.log 'i connected!'


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