My New Nest Thermostat

I'm switching things up this time. This post has nothing to do with code, and everything to do with an awesome gadget. Today my nest learning thermostat came!

If you're unfamiliar with the nest, it is a replacement for your programmable thermostat that learns your habits and programs itself, among other things like monitoring energy usage to help save you money. If that isn't cool enough, it is wi-fi enabled which means it auto-updates itself, I can set the schedule from a website, and I can control the temperature in the house from anywhere in the world. Is it lame to get so excited about a thermostat? Probably, but who cares, this thing is fucking cool. Check it out.

Nest Unboxing

This thing is beautiful. Plain and simple. Heres the thing being unboxed:


It also comes with a screwdriver, since I'm sure you don't have enough of those laying around... right? Notice the level on the base? That is brilliant.


Nest Installation

The installation was pretty simple as well. I just had to snap off the old thermostat cover and mark the wires. The old thermostat left me with some unexpectedly big holes in the wall, but I was in such a rush to get this thing on the wall that I ignored them (for now) and did some light spackling and painting.


(I didn't have a pencil handy so I drilled the pilot holes while holding it, which probably shifted that bubble a bit. It will bother me until I forget about it)

Fully Installed

Heres the part that counts. This thing looks absolutely beautiful on the wall, this scaled-down-cell-phone-image doesn't do it justice at all.

My New Nest!

Other Stuff

What caught me by surprise is that it runs completely off those low voltage wires with a rechargeable battery -- I expected at least a AAA or something in there, but nope. It's also too soon to tell what the energy savings will be, hopefully they are enough to offset the pretty big cost of this thing. At some later date I'll have to update this post to really know if this was a wise purchase or not, but for now, the geek in me is completely satisfied with my new gadget.