Send Entourage mails from the command line with Ruby

I've been spending a lot of time creating reports lately, and I generally live in a terminal, so naturally I started to think of ways to easily send emails with these reports attached. I'm stuck using Microsoft Entourage here at work, but thankfully they have a pretty robust AppleScript library. Mixing some stuff together I pulled together this Ruby script which will allow me to do some neat stuff:

  • pipe data into the email command to create a body
  • use aliases as groups to send emails to common groups of people, etc
  • add multiple attachments to emails straight from the command line!
  • not have to move my hands from the keyboard when sending emails!

At its core, it is nothing more than a simple ruby shell script which compiles AppleScript and uses osascript to execute the AppleScript. When run it will pop open a new Entourage mail window with the To/CC/Subject filled out, as well as any attachments and moves focus to the window. If I had piped anything to STDIN that would be the body, otherwise it would blank and ready for a quick message. Then a quick CMD-ENTER and off the mail goes. Simple and elegant, yet kind of powerful :)